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A Guide to an Unforgettable Day in Charleston

In addition to the beautiful Kiawah Island, residents can take a short drive into Charleston, which is famous for its historic architecture, fine dining, and cultural attractions.

Day in Charleston


Charleston and her collection of sea islands, including magnificent Kiawah, are entwined by countless waterways. The pristine beauty and rich diversity of the aquatic ecosystem convert even the most stalwart landlubbers into boating fanatics who can’t wait to get on the water.

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We recently caught up with Timbers Kiawah Owners Jeff and Beth Kowalczik. Read on to learn about their experiences as Timbers Kiawah Owners.

Dolphin sightings are a natural part of life on Kiawah, where Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) reside in the ocean, rivers, and inlets surrounding the island. Timbers Kiawah Owners have many opportunities to catch a glimpse of these highly intelligent marine mammals — be it from the spacious terrace of your residence, the oceanfront Beach Club Pool and Grill, the wide 10-mile beach, or exploring via kayak, SUP, or boat.

We’re sharing the recipe for an Owner-favorite cocktail here at Timbers Kiawah. Enjoy a Fool’s Paradise from anywhere!

For the ultimate in tennis facilities, instruction, and overall ambiance, Kiawah’s Roy Barth Tennis Center just can’t be beat. Perennially rated the “#1 Tennis Resort in the World”, this spectacular sports complex is constantly humming with activity just inland from The Sanctuary hotel, an easy bike ride down the beach from Timbers Kiawah.

Bobcats dwell throughout the continental United States. In South Carolina, they congregate their populations mainly in the coastal plain region. The particulars of their presence on Kiawah are noteworthy for two reasons. First, until recently, Kiawah has enjoyed twice the typical density of these animals. Second, despite development, these wild felines truly live amongst their human resident counterparts. Both unique conditions are thanks to responsible environmental protocols which ensure ample food and available habitat.

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Dining is a social experience, and no one understands that better than our own Chef Bobby. If you haven’t met him yet, pop by the Beach Club and say hello. He’d love to get acquainted and hear about your favorite foods. In the meantime, you can get to know Bobby a little better from this recent interview.