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Timbers Kiawah Island Dining

Savor the freshest of Lowcountry flavors at Timbers Kiawah, where tantalizing tastes and inspired cuisine begin the moment you open the door to your beachfront home. As one of the many services we offer to Owners and guests alike, we are happy to stock your pantry with all your favorite groceries before you arrive, so you can start your vacation right away. And if you’re in the mood for dining out, there are plenty of delectable options right at your doorstep.

Beach Club & Grill

The Timbers Kiawah Beach Club & Grill is an encapsulation of the Lowcountry itself: friendly and casual, with an emphasis on food that’s elevated and inspired by Southern traditions and ingredients. Enjoy the freshest of local produce and seafood like strawberries, watermelons, peaches, shrimp, oysters, and red fish — all perfectly prepared by Chef Teddy and his team and served up with Southern style.

You Choose, We Deliver

We want you to dive right into your Kiawah adventures the moment you arrive. With pre-arrival grocery shopping, you’ll find that everything — from your fridge stocked to your favorite bottle of wine chilled at the perfect temperature — has been thoughtfully prepared for you.

In-Residence Chef Experience

Enjoy Kiawah Island dining at home with a chef-prepared personalized dinner. Incorporating Lowcountry ingredients, the chef designs a meal based on your wants and needs, and then preps, cooks, serves and even cleans up afterwards — all from the comforts of your beachfront residence.

BC’S Pizza

Available every day “ready to eat” or “ready to cook”. Choose from traditional toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and veggie, to the “Chucktown” with house-smoked pork and pimento cheese.