Nesting season came early this year and now all attention on Kiawah Island is on the beach (and all the beach-facing lights are off after 9pm!). Every spring, sea turtles—mostly loggerheads—make their way from the ocean to the sand to nest, and with over 10,000 acres of land and 10 miles of beach, Kiawah serves as a vital nesting ground for these beloved and endangered turtles.

Kiawah’s beaches are home to some 400 nests and thousands of baby loggerheads, but many of these hatchlings would not survive without the island’s hands-on nest protection program, The Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol. Helping about 75 percent of hatchlings survive by relocating nests and helping hatchlings find their way to the sea, the Turtle Patrol has become one of the largest volunteer turtle efforts in the United States.

The new initiative also includes turtle conservation education, which comes to life for Timbers residents through sessions taught by local experts. Leaders from the island’s Turtle Patrol are engaged to lead education for adults and fun activities for Timbers’ smallest residents, the Timbers Tikes, highlighting the importance of recycling, keeping beaches clean and protecting the Loggerhead sea turtle nests.

And there’s no better place for a beach cruiser than Timbers Kiawah. Along with golf, bike culture is a key part of the lifestyle on Kiawah Island, and Timbers Kiawah offers direct access to the destination’s most scenic trails. Timbers Kiawah residents can use the bike fleet at their convenience to tour the region’s over 30 miles of bike paths or navigate to their favorite spots on the ten-mile, hard-packed sand beach that awaits at their doorsteps.

The buzz around our  turtle-saving bike cruisers has been gratifying. Read more about what Coastal LivingNewsweekSouthern Living and WWD have to say.

The Peter Millar Beach cruisers are available for $1200 and can be purchased by calling 843.300.1646.