Kiawah Island holds a special place in the hearts of the Lee family from Charlotte, North Carolina. They’re not just visitors, they are part of the Timbers Kiawah family.

This active family of five, including their three kids – Ava, Daphne, and Beckham – along with their two loyal pups, Palmer and Josie, have forged unforgettable memories on our beautiful Kiawah Island. With 16 years of marriage under their belts, the Lee’s have created a tradition of coming back year after year to experience the magic of Timbers Kiawah.

The Island That Stole Their Hearts

Their journey to Timbers Kiawah began in 2016 when Meghan was pregnant with Beckham. Seeking a special place to celebrate her birthday as a family, they heard glowing recommendations about Kiawah Island from friends and decided to explore it themselves.

From the moment they crossed the bridge onto the island’s parkway, a sense of calm washed over them. The family’s time on the island provides a balance to a very active schedule in Charlotte, offering a chance for the family to reconnect in a serene setting. The island’s unique wildlife, leisurely beach walks with their beloved dogs, Palmer and Josie, and the overall tranquility makes Kiawah Island such a special place to unwind.

“We always say that as we’re driving over the bridge on the parkway, our blood pressure instantly drops. It’s a place that our family can truly disconnect from the chaos of our daily life and reconnect as a family.”

A Family Affair

As their children grew older, they relished the opportunity to independently watch them explore the island’s bike trails, fostering a sense of freedom and adventure. Their connection with Kiawah Island deepened as they observed Timbers Kiawah’s progress while it was being built.

Finally, in March 2019, they experienced their first stay as guests. This experience only solidified their love for the island, which felt like a second home. The warm welcome from the staff and the friendships they forged with other owner families made Timbers Kiawah an integral part of their lives.

“We felt at home from our first visit. The staff has always welcomed us with open arms and all 5 of us have made friends among other owner families. Timbers Kiawah truly is a second family to us.”

The Tradition Continues

Since that first visit in 2016, they have made an annual visit to Kiawah Island a priority. Their journey as owners began with a two-week trip, shared with close friends and family, living up to their intention of sharing this unique place with their loved ones. The thrill of seeing their name on the front door during check-in was unforgettable.

Island Adventures

Among the “must-do” activities on their trips, one of their favorites is packing a picnic dinner and heading to the off-leash beach area. Here, they revel in the joy of playing with their dogs in the ocean and creating memories during relaxed family evenings.

Each of their children has their own favorite activity; Beckham enjoys ringing the bell for snack time, Daphne loves swimming in the oceanfront pool, and Ava is learning to surf!

For them, Timbers Kiawah isn’t just a destination; it’s a second family and a place where lasting memories are made. It’s a place where they can leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the tranquility and natural beauty of Kiawah Island. 

As they continue to make memories year after year, their connection with this island paradise remains as strong as ever, reminding us all of the power of finding that special place that becomes a part of our family story.

“Timbers Kiawah was the perfect choice for our family because of the partial ownership structure that matched the amount of time we could realistically use the property.  Then, the first class amenities, ocean front location with pool, turn-key nature that allows you to just show up, and the amazing people we met made Timbers the right choice for our family.”


Join the Timbers Kiawah Family

At Timbers Kiawah, Owners are treated like part of the family.

From the moment you arrive, the team at Timbers Kiawah is always ready to go above and beyond to make you feel at home. We take great pride in providing exceptional service while taking care of every detail to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

As an Owner at Timbers Kiawah, a world of benefits awaits you. You can take advantage of a wide range of benefits as a Timbers Kiawah Owner, including the ability to exchange time for stays at other exceptional destinations through our Reciprocity Program, as well as exclusive perks and privileges with our Travel & Lifestyle Partners