We interviewed Doug and Lisa Perlman who have been Owners at Timbers Kiawah since we opened our doors!

Tell us about your family and where you are from.

We are from Connecticut and have three boys: ages 14, 16 and 18.

How long have you been coming to Kiawah Island?

We have been coming to Kiawah Island as a family for 12 years. Both Doug and I had been to Kiawah before on business trips with our separate companies, prior to having kids, and fell in love with the island. The beaches are spectacular, golf is great, tennis is terrific, and bike riding is amazing. It’s the perfect place for a family. Also, it’s so close to Charleston – it has everything anyone would want.

How did you first hear about Timbers Kiawah?

I actually saw an ad in the Kiawah Island Real Estate Magazine. We’d been looking for real estate for years and nothing really checked all the boxes. We started researching Timbers Kiawah and bought pre-construction.

Tell us about the first time you came to your new home at Timbers Kiawah.

We actually closed before construction was complete. I remember two trips- Lisa and I came on our own, and then we came back with the family – I think we all sort of walked out on the balcony and everyone was just blown away with what we saw. We got really excited. We closed before it was completed. We then came down later for my wife’s birthday. What a way to celebrate!

How often do you come down to enjoy your home away from home?

We own two penthouse residences, so we come down at least 8 weeks a year. We historically come down in the summer because of our children’s school schedule, although we also love coming in the fall and Thanksgiving. But summer is what we associate Kiawah with the most.

What are your boys’ favorite things to do at Timbers Kiawah?

Our three boys love the pool basketball, they love to take the kayak out when the waves are out and also, they like to bike ride down the beach. Two of our boys love to play basketball and the other takes advantage of the great golf courses nearby. We of course enjoy doing all these things with them- we enjoy the ocean, walking on the beach, playing tennis, and biking on the beach. We also joined the Kiawah Island Club so in the fall we take advantage of the shooting club. Also, we connected with a boat captain who’s taken us out wakeboarding and waterskiing, so there’s actually a long list of things that we enjoy doing in Kiawah.”

What’s your favorite thing to order at the Beach Club restaurant?

That’s a tough question- the food is incredible. Chef Teddy is truly talented, but we love the pimento cheese nachos with pulled pork the most!”