Kiawah Island Dog

Kiawah Island is a dog paradise all year round! 

With more than 10 miles of breathtaking, pet-friendly coastline, you and your furry friends are in for a treat. Take them on delightful morning beach runs, enjoy sunset strolls, or just chill out with leisurely walks. Just remember, there are some rules to follow for our furry pals. Keep the following information in mind and have a blast with your dog this summer!

Kiawah Island Dog

Dog Laws

Town of Kiawah Island

If you’re hanging out with your furry friend around the island, remember to make sure they’re on a leash at all times. Safety first for everyone’s fun day in the sun!

Leash ordinances are enforced by Beach Patrol who can give out fines.

On the Beach

The sole exception to Kiawah’s leash policy pertains to the beach, where there exists a designated year-round off-leash area for dogs, complemented by seasonal leash restrictions for the remaining parts of the beach.

Year-Round Fun

Between the Beach Club and the Ocean Course Clubhouse, dogs can go off-leash from 7 AM to 7 PM, all year long. But when the clock strikes 7 PM until 7 AM, they need to be leashed up. And remember, owners need to be around, keep their pets in check, and have a leash handy, just in case beachgoers or the Beach Patrol ask for it.

Seasonal (November 1 – March 15)

During this period, your pets can run free without a leash from 7 AM to 7 PM, everywhere on Kiawah’s beach, except for the critical habitat areas. As always, owners need to stick with their furry pals, keep them under control, and bring that leash along for any situations where it’s needed.

Dog Friendly Activities

At Timbers Kiawah, we love including pets in the fun, and especially enjoy seeing many of them experience a beach vacation for the first time.  So, to help you make the most of your time together, here’s a list of pet-friendly activities you can enjoy!

Head to the Beach

Take a walk along the shoreline, letting your furry companion explore new scents and sights, jump the waves, and play ball along the 10 miles of sandy bliss!

To protect wildlife, please don’t let your dog chase shorebirds, get into the dunes, or accidentally trample turtle nesting areas. You can both spray off at the convenient outdoor shower station as you come in from the beach.

Take Your Pup for a Paddle

With stunning oceans and scenic rivers around, there’s no better time to get up close and personal. Get your dose of exercise while enjoying the views! 

Borrow our available paddle boards and kayaks or team up with Water Dog Paddle Co for a guided adventure with your furry copilot.

Go for a Walk

Discover the island’s wonders as you stroll, or jog along the well-paved trails with your furry friend.

Marvel at the enchanting maritime forest, meander past serene ponds and wetlands, catch glimpses of beautiful homes and immaculate golf courses, encounter fascinating wildlife, and enjoy breathtaking views from the viewing towers sprinkled along the way!

Enjoy Pet-Friendly Patios

Explore a variety of fantastic wine bars, coffee shops, cafés, and restaurants at Freshfields Village, where you and your furry companion can kick back on the outdoor patios and enjoy a delightful beverage or delicious meal together. It’s the perfect spot for pet lovers to savor great food and company

Make Some Friends

During your stay, chances are your pup will make some new pals with other Timbers Kiawah dogs you’ll come across!

Keep an eye on staff announcements because they sometimes arrange spontaneous doggy play dates on the beach during the off-leash season! It’s a blast for your pup to meet and play with new friends, and it’s just as enjoyable for you to see them tire each other out with that special doggy energy

A Real Treat at Timbers Kiawah

Before you arrive, we get your residence ready with cozy dog beds and bowls, tailoring it to your furry friend’s preferences.

Our concierge desk is a hit with the four-legged crew, stopping by for treats, belly rubs, and all the extra pats they can handle. And if you’re out golfing, on an adventure, or having a great night out, we’ve got you covered with a dog walker to keep your furry pal company.