In honor of Valentine’s Day, Chef Teddy shares his popular cocktail recipe—perfect for couples enjoying a romantic date night in-residence at Timbers Kiawah or beyond.

2 strawberries (fresh, washed, sliced)
1/2 oz. lemon juice
1/4 oz. demerara syrup
1/4 oz. strawberry simple syrup
2 oz. Four Roses whiskey bourbon
2 dashes black walnut bitters
Splash club soda
Strawberry garnish

In a shaker glass, combine strawberries and lemon juice and muddle together. Add in ice, demerara syrup, strawberry syrup, bourbon and bitters. Shake vigorously for six to eight seconds. Fill rocks glass with ice and double-strain cocktail into glass. Float with club soda and garnish with strawberry “wheels” for a delicious and eye-catching “Kiawah Kiss” cocktail.

Happy Valentine’s Day!