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4 Fascinating Ecosystems: Kiawah Island Plants and Animals

Beach, marshland, river, and wood – the native flora and fauna of Kiawah Island captivate the imagination and inspire awe. Join us on our journey through Kiawah’s natural world.

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Beach, marshland, river, and wood - the native flora and fauna of Kiawah Island captivate the imagination and inspire awe. Join us on our journey through Kiawah's natural world.

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Kiawah Island's Wildlife

Kiawah Island boasts a rich and diverse population of animals, ranging from white-tailed deer and bobcats, to playful bottlenose dolphins, alligators, and loggerhead sea turtles.

Charleston and her collection of sea islands, including magnificent Kiawah, are entwined by countless waterways. The pristine beauty and rich diversity of the aquatic ecosystem convert even the most stalwart landlubbers into boating fanatics who can’t wait to get on the water.

Dolphin sightings are a natural part of life on Kiawah, where Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) reside in the ocean, rivers, and inlets surrounding the island. Timbers Kiawah Owners have many opportunities to catch a glimpse of these highly intelligent marine mammals — be it from the spacious terrace of your residence, the oceanfront Beach Club Pool and Grill, the wide 10-mile beach, or exploring via kayak, SUP, or boat.

Bobcats dwell throughout the continental United States. In South Carolina, they congregate their populations mainly in the coastal plain region. The particulars of their presence on Kiawah are noteworthy for two reasons. First, until recently, Kiawah has enjoyed twice the typical density of these animals. Second, despite development, these wild felines truly live amongst their human resident counterparts. Both unique conditions are thanks to responsible environmental protocols which ensure ample food and available habitat.

The cooler temps of autumn make it an ideal time to go exploring off-island. We’ve assembled several fun destinations where you can spend time outside, experience something new, and relax in your favorite flannel and jeans. Appropriate for all ages, these spots are close enough to Kiawah that you could even hit all three on the same day.

Only a handful of spectators were allowed to attend this year’s Triple Crown races: The Belmont Stakes, The Derby, and The Preakness. If you missed the thrill of being at the track in person, then this bugle call is for you. On Sunday, November 15th, get your fill of thoroughbreds, fascinators, and strong beverages at The Steeplechase of Charleston. This all-day affair features five high-stakes races and is a splendid way to spend a gorgeous autumn day outdoors.

This is the second half of our series on Kiawah’s esteemed Turtle Patrol program. Another successful loggerhead nesting season on Kiawah recently concluded. This year, 345 nests were identified along the island’s rustic beachfront. Through the end of October, this buried treasure has the potential to produce approximately 30,000 baby turtles. That sounds like a lot until you realize only one in a thousand will reach adulthood.

From start to finish, when fishing at Kiawah you can’t go wrong.