This summer — loaded with citrusy Simcoe hops, a great aroma, and dry finish — our own signature IPA was born.

At its release party, cavorting to live music while sharply attired in blue and white stripes, the dashing new Timbers Kiawah IPA was spotted in the company of complimentary blood orange scallop ceviche, Chef Bobby’s lamb lollipops, and pretzel bites paired with the IPA’s own beer cheese sauce.

We asked Chef Teddy how the new addition to the Timbers family came to be. “When I was in Washington D.C., thanks to my close relationships within the craft beer community there, I was able to source amazing beers from breweries to serve exclusively at my bars and pubs. For Timbers Kiawah, I wanted to do the same thing and have a house beer unique to us.

“A lot of our Owners are craft beer fans, and particularly fond of IPAs, so that was my focus. I started contacting local breweries to research the possibilities. I reached out to Timbers Kiawah Owners Matt and Meredith Masten about their brewery, Foothills Brewing, and walked them through my plan. One email later, the ball started rolling!”

Foothills Brewing is one of the largest regional craft breweries in the Southeast and is especially revered for their tasty IPAs. They’ve won multiple awards at top competitions including the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup. Always inspired to mix business with pleasure, the Mastens were happy to collaborate with Chef Teddy to select the perfect beer for their home away from home. And since Timbers Kiawah has routinely offered a wide selection of Foothills Brewing beers on draft, the partnership just made sense.

Chef Teddy describes the India Pale Ale as medium in color with a citrus and slight nut aroma on the nose, plus a nice hint of grain, followed by a clean, slightly dry finish.

“Timbers Kiawah is such a special place to be. When our Owners are here, they get to experience everything that makes it that way. Now with their own IPA, they can take part of it home to share with their friends… or keep it for themselves!”

Whether you’re a Cicerone or just the casual craft drinker, the new Timbers Kiawah IPA is for you. Try one today (heck, you are on vacation, have three) while hanging on the beach, zipping around the golf course, spending time with family, or making new friends at the Beach Club.

Timbers Kiawah IPA is sold exclusively at our Beach Club. Quantities are limited. Call our front desk at 843.867.7100 for more information.