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20 Reasons Kids Love Timbers Kiawah

April 26, 2021

Games and Gear for Playing on the 10-Mile Beach

Our impressive supply of beach toys create unlimited opportunities for fun on the wide beach and gentle waves. Kids get creative building majestic sandcastle forts. Setting up impromptu games of football, soccer, and bocce. And cooling off the “cool” way doing tricks on a surf board, standup paddleboard, or boogie board. (The only board which doesn’t exist here is the one spelled “b-o-r-e-d”.) 

Bicycle Bonanza 

With 100 beach cruisers to choose from, everyone in the family has a ticket to ride.  The beach is a terrific place for little ones to learn how. Customize as needed with our training wheels, balance bikes, tagalong attachments, child seats, and Burley trailers. 

Cycling is a safe and easy way for kids to explore the wonders of Kiawah Island. They zip up and down the beach from Captain Sams Inlet and Beachwalker Park to the Ocean Course and Sandy Point. Or glide through nature along 30 miles of paved trails passing maritime forests, ponds, and salt marsh. Many like to ride together over to Freshfields Village. 

Fun at Freshfields Village 

You’ll appreciate the grocery store, wine shop, variety of restaurants, and high-end retailers. Your children will make a beeline for Ben & Jerry’s and The Station for ice cream confections, Indigo Books for the captivating reads they offer children and young adults, or perhaps the dock at the small lake. Throughout the year there are family-friendly concerts and events, plus activities ranging from kids’ yoga to candle-making and dog shows.

Two Words: Oceanfront Pool 

Open year-round, this picturesque amenity doubles as a popular spot for Timbers Kiawah kids to meet up with new friends. Diving rings and foam noodles get plenty of use, and it’s easy to start up a game of pool basketball. Kids grab tasty snacks from the adjoining Beach Club and regale each other with stories of their latest adventures while keeping an eye on the waves. 

All the Ways to Get on the Water 

This is an island after all; with plentiful locations on the ocean, rivers, and inlets to take out one of our kayaks or paddleboards. (Life jackets too). Jess at the Beach Club is the go-to for surfing lessons and tips. Our concierge team has rods and tackle boxes kids can check out, and can recommend the best spots for fishing and crabbing. Get the whole family together for a harbor cruise or boating expedition to truly experience the coastal lifestyle. 

The Beach Club (featuring Chef Teddy Folkman and his fun crew)

Custom milkshake mashups and a kids menu that they helped create are only the beginning. Children feel so welcomed here, they come by to hang out and joke around with Chef Teddy and his fun-loving staff on the regular. Foosball, ping pong, and movie nights keep the good times rolling. 

Favorites Ready at their Residence 

The Timbers Touch manifests itself in many ways, including pre-arrival stocking of your residence. Sometimes our staff surprise Timbers Kiawah kids with items just for them. An extra large container of our to-die-for pimento cheese, with your child’s name on the label. Their favorite bagels. Mommy-and-Me frozen margarita combos for sipping together on the terrace. Custom Timbers Kiawah aprons for two little girls who love to bake. We take pride in getting to know your entire family’s preferences and interests.

Caring Concierges

It’s this attention to detail, and appreciation for each child as an individual, that makes our concierge desk at the Clubhouse a place kids love to congregate. There’s a special bond that develops over time, with repeated visits, and we love being part of their “vacation family”. Some youngsters even show up in their Timbers Kiawah polo shirts and ask if they can help out for the day. (That makes for an entertaining morning meeting!) Most of all, we take their input seriously and do everything we can to make this their favorite place in the whole world. 

Timber Tykes Room 

Next door to the concierge station in the Clubhouse, this playroom provides pint-sized fun for younger children. With a TV playing kid-friendly channels, there are bright tutus and mermaid tails for dress-up, a play-n-scoot pirate ship, mini golf clubs, small tables with games, and toys galore. It’s the perfect spot for kids to entertain themselves while mom or dad talks to the concierge, gets in a workout at the fitness center one room over, or socializes with other adults in the lounge across the hall. 

Making New Friends

Making new friends is a big part of the fun at Timbers Kiawah. Sunny days, a laid-back setting, and unlimited activities give ample opportunities for your children to discover playmates with shared interests. It’s common for Timbers Kiawah families to synchronize their vacations here, so their children can reunite and continue to grow their bonds of friendship.  

Witnessing Wildlife 

Dolphins playing along the shore, deer grazing in the dunes, alligators sunning on the golf courses, and 300 species of birds showing off their colorful plumage. The budding biologists in your family will have a field day every day. They’ll tag along with the Turtle Patrol looking for baby loggerheads headed to sea, and spend hours at the Nature Center learning about native snakes and other fascinating island creatures.

Programmed Activities 

Bingo. Scavenger hunts. Watermelon eating contests. Sand sculpture competitions. There’s always some structured activity going on for kids to join in. 

Freedom to Roam 

Timbers Kiawah is family-friendly through and through. As such, children are welcomed everywhere and known to run around barefoot all day with their siblings and pals.  Moving from the pool, to the Beach Club, to shooting hoops under the Clubhouse, to playing yard games on the center lawn, then out to the beach, and back again. Kids can be kids. And parents can relax, receiving the occasional “check in” updates on the latest amazing thing that just happened. 

Tennis Programs & Pickleball 

Whether your kids are new to the game or well on their way to Wimbledon, there’s an appropriate tennis clinic or camp for them here. Kiawah’s Roy Barth Tennis Center is truly one of the world’s best, with instructors who are as kind and patient as they are proficient in the sport. Your child can ramp up their skills or just hit around for fun on the newly upgraded high-tech tennis and pickleball courts. 

Low-Key Golf on Top-Rated Courses 

After 5 p.m. during the summer, Kiawah’s renown golf experience opens up for the younger generation. Load up the family and some of our clubs (we have adult and child sizes) and head to one of the resort courses offering Family Tee Time. Have a ball together playing nine no-pressure holes from special tees.  

Day Trips 

Many Timbers Kiawah Owners elect to stay on island. (There’s certainly plenty to do!) Others avail themselves of the nearby Lowcountry attractions, especially when extended family is visiting. Day trips into Charleston are also noteworthy and can be as educational as they are entertaining. Kids in the know recommend The South Carolina Aquarium, Fort Sumter, and a pirate themed cruise that sails out of Bohicket Marina. 

Sunset S’mores  

What do you get when you combine melted chocolate, toasted jumbo marshmallows, crispy graham crackers and a roaring fire? Laughter and good times at the Timbers Kiawah fire pit! Pull up a rocking chair and get to know some of the other families while the setting sun puts on a spectacular display of radiant and soothing hues. 

Searching for Shells

This age-old pastime is the classic must-do for anyone of any age visiting the beach, and we have a lot of beach! To take things up a notch, try the boat excursion to Botany Bay, where kids get a kick out of unearthing the treasure trove there. 

Holiday Celebrations 

Children love the holidays at Timbers Kiawah. Whether it is the all-day grill-out on Memorial Day weekend, the Hot Wings Eating Contest on the Fourth of July, or oyster ornament decorating during Christmas week, there is always something fun and memorable to do during the holidays at their home here. 

One-on-One Time with Parents (and Grandparents!) 

Sometimes simple moments are the most treasured of all. When families arrive at their Timbers Kiawah home, things slow down. Everyone can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Lounge on the balcony, watch the tide come in, and talk. Play card games or chess. Take long walks on the beach. Make dinner together. In this coastal paradise where everything is effortless and unhurried, the whole family can rest and reconnect.